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An extra suggestion, for an EXTRA!

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I do voice-over work on Fiverr. Of course, a job on fiverr is way under market price. So, I have a tip gig up for those who appreciate my work and want to help me out a bit. But then an idea came to me.


For a $45 tip, my clients become VIP. This gives them priority deliver on all future orders, and free royalty free music with there voice over! This also helps ensure they will be back for more work!

I just got my first VIP client so I’m quite happy. Hope you guys like the idea!




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You could just keep track of this yourself via something like Excel and offer an extra for it kind of thing. Not sure Fiverr would implement such a thing, but I suppose it could be kind of fun and would help to solidify things if it was an actual feature.

Such as, buyer buys the “VIP” status, and from then on the delivery time will be cut into half delivery time or something like that on every order they place to help to keep the VIP status appeal and so the seller doesn’t try to skip out on the VIP status the given client has paid for. Is that kind of what you had in mind?

Alternatively what you can do is make a separate gig all together solely for your VIP clients. Like. “I will do thevoicemachine VIP services”. This way not only will you attract new potential VIP’s, but you will be able to provide an easy means in which individuals will be able to buy multiple gig extra variations, 🙂

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