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How can I grow number of orders?


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You can do that by being patient first and not lose hope.
Deliver good work avoid getting less than 5 stars.
Avoid delivering late or delivering something not good just o get the money.
Be active on the forum…
many tips you’ll discover them yourself

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Unfortunately your gigs aren’t in a high demand area… You may try thinking other services you can do that have a higher customer demand. Take a look around at the categories and see who is getting the most orders. Ask yourself, “Can I do that?” If you can, create a gig. Chances are you’ll get more orders that way, and you can build a business around a service that more people want.

Good Luck!

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Guest plural_spot

Here is one of the best starter tips for you:
-Have the patience (we had to wait 7 days till we’ve got our first order)
-Go Social (create social profiles, website and fill them with content every single day)
-Create first 7 Gigs based on the best selling ones.(Article Writing, Logo Design, Wordpress, App Promotion, Social Promotion, Crowdfunding Promotion)
-Use the Buyer Request section which you can find on Selling>Buyer Requests
-Promote your gigs every day on Facebook, Twitter and more crucial Linkedin which is a social platform for investors, businessmen and so on).
-Set up your Google Alerts for different keywords related on your gigs
-Use professionalism and formality when you are composing your custom order for your first buyer, as it is an insight that will determine the future rating of your services

If you have additional questions regarding startup plan, feel free to contact us!

Best regards,

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