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Its too much to bear


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Hello everybody!
Plz see attachment first to get whole scene.
Collecting people on any platform is not much difficult as its age of social media and if someone ignores your problems and claims for heavy charges.

Did you ever tried to response any buyer request/available project (there is double standard of terms as for android application its buyer request and for web interface its available project) and you found a totally irrelevant gig. I reported this bug to support team and see what happened next in attachment.

Are you guys agree with me???

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I’m not sure if it’s a language barrier or that I haven’t finished my third cup of coffee, but I’m having trouble understanding the question you’re asking.

I’d love to help and answer you the best way that I can, so could you possibly rephrase the question in a more direct way? However, I did understand the part of the question about whether or not it is fair to give (or Fiverr to take) Fiverr 20% of our commission.

I feel that Fiverr gives us seller’s a very broad audience to work for in terms of global exposure i.e., I certainly wouldn’t be getting orders from buyer’s abroad if my only advertising outlet was on social media as I’m terrible with social platforms. I think, IMHO, that Fiverr does deserve that percentage and nobody is forcing us to sell our skills here. Fiverr will politely show you the virtual door if you feel cheated here and good luck on the many other platforms that aren’t that user-friendly as Fiverr is.

I understand your frustrations completely, and I hope I didn’t misread your question leaving an answer unrelated - my apologies if I did. Please give Fiverr a little bit more credit and you will see your skills strengthen and good things to come. I wish you the best of luck and I do hope somebody else here can help you better than I did. Pours a 4th cup of coffee Good day 🙂

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There are 2 things here that I think the OP wanted to talk about, although I didn’t really get the issue he was raising with the app very much.

  1. The bug, whatever kind of bug it was that was plaguing his fiverr app install in his mobile device. I think it was just a case of language barrier why Fiverr’s support and the poster wasn’t able to sort it out. Anyway buddy, maybe just uninstall your current fiverr app and reinstall a fresh one from google play store. That may do the trick.

  2. The 20% fiverr commission. There’a a lot of comments about this, for some it’s ok but for other’s its not. For me personally it may indeed high but you can structure your pricing so that you don’t actually have to be the one to pay it. After all, you are in control of what your work costs, specially now that you can set prices pretty much however you like once you get the option to offer more than $5 for your basic gig. Just think of what you want to do for $4 or $8 and so on. Remember to leave that 20% for Fiverr.

Another point is that maybe the 20% commission is necessary so that Fiverr can keep giving us a platform to sell our skills, bring in new customers and grow. When you start to get regular orders without so much as lift a finger to market yourself, because fiverr has done all the work for you, I guess that time you’ll be happy you paid Fiverr 20% for all those past, and current orders. LVL 2 sellers can get regular orders too, so who knows, you may not have to wait too long before you feel that 20% commission working for you.

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Thanks guy for your comments.
Ok let me rephrase the questions what I asked from support first. you guys can understand it if you are using fiver android app.
I asked them that, I am facing an issue while using fiver android app, the issue is:
when I go “buyers requests” and want to response any request. Some time I can see irreverent Gigs. e.g. there was a gig related to add new feature in site. but was able to see only web scrapping gig, so how could I response anyone that correctly.
what would happen if I offer someone that I can add new feature in your site here is my gig for web scrapping, Its meaning less thing.
And support guy I think did even saw my message and told me that clear browser cache etc. and 2nd time they told me that user browse instead of mobile app. (I am mostly not able to use browser when I am outside).

btw support do these type of things when they want to ignore or they are not able to fix the issues.

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@rocket_ruzzel thanks for your time. I have tried all these things, I am a developer I know that how whats going on.
And on fiver most of the clients event don’t reply when they see a massive amount.
if some one want to pay $5 for his task then asking him for $6 it 20% extra amount for him.
I experienced few things on fiver, most of the people don’t want to pay and they compel you to do poor quality work. So its very very hard to ask 20$ extra amount on fiver.

And fiver is using its users very badly, even after deduction of 20% they need 15 days more. do their systems runs of old steam engines ? too much slower, they need 15 days for transaction.

Perhaps its a platform for beginners level seller (new in their field) and students assignments (as they can pay a little amount).

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Do you mean that when you go to BR, you want to respond to a request but you can’t because it won’t let you pick the gig you want to offer?

That’s not an app problem, it’s the same on the website. It’s a bit annoying, granted. Last time I saw something I wanted to apply for, it would only let me choose my “your website sucks” gig. LOL.

As for the other stuff, I regularly get orders of $100+, and I don’t mind the 20% as I don’t have to trawl through bids that will never be accepted, so it’s worth it for the time-saving, as well as the marketing.

I really think you should work on improving your English–you’re not very clear at all, which makes it frustrating for you when you try to complain to Customer Support, as they don’t really understand what your point is, and they can’t exactly respond with “?”, so canned help it is.

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You are right that fiver gives us broad audience.
My two orders were cancelled after my work was completed, as buyer requested to cancel the order. what fiver did in my favour, fiver sent me a message to agree or deny. Even if I deny nothing will happen.

If someone don’t want to pay then fiver should take part. Fiver should guarantee that if buyer is not paying then I will pay you. This is how system works and deserves some commission. If it can’t guarantee, then what is the difference between any anonymous person asking to work for any other person.

Let me give you an example if some one says that “joseph has many html related projects for you use my email to contact him, joseph have to pay whole amount ($1000) to me in advance I will pay you 80% of that amount after completion of work”, you are not getting any advance, you can trust me as I will have his amount.

Now I asked you to do some work, after completion of your work I copied all html and asked you to cancel order, I don’t want to work with you anymore.

Now the third person got:
He did business during a whole month using your $1000. after cancellation of order he still have profit.

What I got:
My work is completed free of cost, I still have a lot of opportunity to blame you.

But what you got at the end ???:
$0 + 1 month wastage of time e.g. -$1000. you lost your $2000.

So do fiver deserve any commotion? Its doing just a job of social media. Nothing more then that.

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English is not my mother tongue. So I really don’t take tension if I got stuck “google helps every one (Y)”.

If support wan unable to understand then they should ask me to clear what I want to ask. Makes scene? Hiding their issues is not any solution.

I think you are not a developer that why you happy to pay any commission from your earning. For developer its hard to earn as they can’t show their work to everyone.

And to have successful business you must think on it, that facing such annoying things and especially being happy with such things, has negative impact on your personality+business and it will not let you progress.

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