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Been gone awhile...still see a lot of infringement


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Used to have some gigs posted here on fiverr for some completely original and handmade logo intros that I made just for this marketplace. I have been gone a long while and thought I would check back in to see what has changed.

Packages and up selling seems like it is a good thing but I have to say, there are a ton of sellers here that are using the same templates and pawning them off as their own. This is the sort of thing that turned me off the first time and it is still very widespread all throughout the category that I have at least some skill in.

I have no doubt this trend is true for much of the creative sort where a logo, URL etc is to be added in. or where anyone is working from a template based project file and adding in different text or images.

I was thinking of making some new videos and making a few gigs for them.

Why should I though?

Seems I might be better off to let someone else do all the hard work and go either pirate or buy a couple professional templates and no one here will do anything about it. <Sarcasm, obviously I am very much against stealing someone’s work

Sad to see. There are quite a few even Top Seller accounts I was just looking through that are recycling bought templates and I recognize the templates because I do similar work off this site and have been in the industry for the last 8 years. I’ve come across some very talented people who do some amazing work and seeing their projects being recycled and sold with absolutely nothing to stop people…even to DISCOURAGE it…from happening. I tried to find rules that say you cannot sell copyright material and couldn’t find it.

Did I miss something or does fiverr completely ignore this issue?

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Your thread seems to be a better fit for “Conversations” and was moved. Fiverr does take copyright violation seriously it’s even in their TOS. The problem is these would have to be reported and proofed. If someone can proof a violation Fiverr will take action.

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