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How would one go about getting significant traffic to a website


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Fast ways:
• You can throw buckets of money on advertising.
• Crazy marketing stunt in front of as many news cameras as possible.
• Provoke your audience (when their angry enough they will bash your site and tell their friends about it.

Slow ways:
• Keep pumping out quality content on a daily basis year after year.

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First thing I would do is go grab a free SEO checker report and use Google’s site load time checker to see how much Google actually likes my site. After that (and after fixing any problems I’d pay for a quality user tester to head on over to my website and let me know what they really thought about it. After making any necessary improvements I’d then add as much media rich content as possible every three days or so and set up a $200-300 PPC campaign.

After that, it would all depend on your level of social media engagement and the quality of the content you keep disseminating. Need a faster, cheaper alternative way to do things? Sorry, won’t work. The above is pretty budget though.

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