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Seller made a mistake on a voice over then went dark


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As a buyer, when you accept an order as complete (or it is automatically marked as complete after 3 days), any revision you need is at the buyers discretion. i.e. If you haven’t informed them of any revisions which need making within 3 days, you can’t insist that they make them.

In this case, and since your seller doesn’t seem to want to communicate I would simply get the work redone by another seller. Alternatively, if your order hasn’t yet been marked as complete simply hit the request revision button.

On my video gigs I run into this problem a lot. Someone selling the work on doesn’t get feedback for a week or so after delivery and by this time I’ve already assumed that they are happy with the work and I’ve deleted the source file (in order to keep my HD clear). In this case, I send reminders to my buyers explaining that I won’t be able to make revisions after three days of delivery.

My advice for you would therefore be to encourage your end clients to review any delivered work more quickly in future.

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