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Confusion and frustration :(


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Hi everybody,
I am Fatima Alhameli from UAE.I am a civil engineer and use to go for duty early in the morning at 7 am and then come back at 6 pm.Almost All day long i use to perform my duty.
Working on photoshop and ilustrator is my favourite hobby so One of my best my friend asked to join Fiverr in order to get something real from my experience and work and told me all about it that how it works,how to create Gigs So and so on.
The problem for me is that i can only use Fiverr from 7 pm to 12 am midnight. Infact i am having data plan on my cellular network so i get notifications from Fiverr during duty hours if there comes any ,i also used to send my 10 selling requests everyday. Also i have talked with my cousin for Videos making fo me so i have created a Gig of video testimonials too.
I have delivered some good orders But i am not getting any special attention.Will anybody there to help me please.

Best Regards…

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You have some 5-6 reviews in the first month. I think it is pretty great considering how saturated the Photoshop category is. I believe you are going well.
And as Misscrystal said, Patience is key … Also gaining levels would help since there’s a reliability factor associated with them. Good luck.

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