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Tips to get more buyer requests!


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Fiverr, being a platform provides two ways to sell. Either buyer approaches you or you approach the buyer! If you are working on fiverr for a long time then there are high chances that buyers will approach you but if you are a newbie then you must approach buyers.

So, how can you see and get more buyer requests in the selling option? it’s easy and there isn’t any rocket science behind it.

There are both old and new buyers available on fiverr but usually the both make common mistakes. Sometimes, a buyer posts a request in the wrong category and thus he cannot get more offers and because of the buyer, the relevant seller cannot approach to get the job done.

As a seller you can overcome the problem. All you have to do is to make the same gig in which you specialize but in the different categories! For example, your gig is" I will do your business presentations". Now you can make this same gig in presentation’s category and in business writing’s category.

After doing it, you will see the increased number of buyer requests.

Hope this article will help you 🙂 #HappySelling

Hammad Makani

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I know but in my honest opinion that is no guarantee to receive more orders. I’m always laughing, when I see sellers with 3, 4, 5, 6 same gigs and different reviews. Why not compensate this Gigs to one Gig and get the most out of it? Reviews and orders will counted together and your ranking will increase.

I have one Gig for each service in the most fitting category. Even I’m a relative new seller I make hundreds of dollar each month.

In my eyes it’s spamming the marketplace.

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