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? for article writers re: upgrades and delivery options


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Hello, my gigs are written and delivered in seven days, however, I do offer delivery in 3 days as an upgrade/option. I intended this 3-day delivery option to be for ONE GIG. This morning a buyer ordered SEVEN gigs and added $5 and now expects 3-day delivery. I have kindly requested a cancellation and explained that it is not possible for me to research and write her articles as ordered as I have eleven orders ahead of hers.

How could I have avoided this and how can I correct my gig description to prevent this from happening again? I would like to keep the 3-day option available, but per article not per order.

Thanks for your suggestions. Coach Kevin

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Yes, I will have to add that.

I reviewed my gigs from a “buyers” viewpoint and see that the two drop-down menus - one for basic gig quantity and the other for “extra fast” delivery are directly above one another but work completely independent of each other. Would be nice if the two ordered quantities were required to match.

Fortunately, the Buyer eventually agreed to the Mutual Cancellation!
Thanks, Coach Kevin

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