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Gig on hold until Satisfied with the Buyers Instruction


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I am a graphic designer and I have some gigs that I serve in the narrow time frame of 24 hours. To my horror, many buyers activate the gig time by ignoring what I am asking for from them. When I try to contact them, they do not get back to me immediately. This is completely wrong as I have to frantically try to complete my gig within the time to avoid a negative rating.

And even if the Buyer gave me time, the Fiverr system will strip my gig off the ‘Express’ tag rendering all my efforts futile. What I wish for is to put the gig on hold which will send a message to the Buyer requesting them to supply the information I request in the right format.

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Guest annmariestone

This is the best idea!

I would like to be able to adjust the due date forwards or backwards, so long as both parties agree. Also, sometimes the time of day a gig is due can make things difficult. For example, an order due on the 10th could be due just after midnight, or any where up to 11:59 pm. The count down is not always the easiest to decipher.

Sometimes (for me anyway) through conversations with buyers we agree on a due time that is sooner than the posted time, or something may come up and the buyer would rather me take the extra day or two to complete the gig to get it just right, but it shows as late on the order page. When if both parties agreed, an option to add 2 days or something would be nice.

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I work on complex web projects. When I have discussions with my client, I clearly explain that they will need to provide 100% of the content at the time of ordering.

When they do go ahead and order, they will write in the requirements box that they will get back with all the content and they have one page at the moment and so on. This just is not fair on the seller as the clock ticks on.

At this stage, it would be perfect to hold the timer, which will also send a notification to the buyer.

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