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How handle deadline


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Dear Fiverrer’s,

Hooray, my first post at this forum. 🙂

I just wanted to ask, how YOU handle with deadlines. My problem is the following:

I’m offering a time intensive Gig - Logo Design. I’ve already put the delivery time up to 5 days. But there are this buyers, which are only one time a day online. When I send them a draft, I get a response on the next day. So 5 days is not a long time where you can make revisions.

Until the logo is final, the deadline is almost reached.

Is it possible to hit the button “deliver work” to stop the counter? Or is this not allowed to use for this?

Thanks in advance for your replies. 🙂


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i mostly do like this, if buyer is not responsive and i don’t get reply withing 6 to 8 working hours from my buyer than i start proceeding to cancellation rather than waiting for buyer. i do recommend quality over quantiy. and i do ask my buyer to respond me as quickly as possible otherwise either i will deliever the task as i think its done or i will request cancellation.

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