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Offer huge value to build reviews and then remove offer?


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Hi everyone.
Since I’m new, I’m thinking about making a big offer worth a lot more than the standard price of $5 for the sake of attracting positive reviews.

Say I create a gig, and make an offer obviously worth a lot more than just $5(let’s say 4hrs worth of work for just $5, for the sake of argument) for the standard price. After some time, a nice number of positive reviews are built. Let’s assume I want to take away the offer and resume work at a realistic level.

1-Is it possible to edit the content of the gig?
2-What might happen with customer feedback if I do this?

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Everyone does this and a lot of people overdeliver as standard even when they have built up reviews. My only word of caution would be to prepare yourself for some people to give you a hard time or review your work poorly no matter how much you over deliver.

These people a rarity (kind of) but you do get them and can quickly get disheartened if they give you a hard time. Also, if you are writing don’t be afraid to refuse work if a buyer contacts you and your spider sense starts tingling. It’s better to go with your gut and wait for a nice, appreciative buyer than it is trying to please someone who doesn’t want to be pleased.

Good luck!

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