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Share you best GIG with buy1ge 1 offer - i will collect some best gig and will write on some forum


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Hey guys, i have got an idea, lets we make an big article. i mean you guys share your 1 best GIG in comments with buy 1 get 2 free offer. make an promo code could be "mp007"

So, i will collect some of your gig and i will write some forum and blog with this. and ask everyone to buy them and use promo code when they will buy your GIG…you have to remember the code please.

my article title could be "Best GIG collection 2013 only $5 each"

what is my benefit???

listen i dont have so many super duper GIG that can be called Best GIG collection 2013. So, if i collect your with mine there is some possibilities to get the order for me too.

What is your benefit??

lolzz…should i say something?

Anyways, guys, after we collect some best GIG…lets do it together?

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