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One of the many things i usually do when i first visit a website is to look for information about the site and/or maybe to know more about the company that manage the site. In Fiverr you may not worry yourself to know more about the people behind its operation, however, one thing that is very much important for everyone who buy or sell on the platform is to READ the TOS of the site/company.

Are people still reading the TOS? Maybe that’s not the best way for me to ask since most of the established sellers and a couple buyers pay keen attention to the TOS. Are new users (buyers and sellers) actually reading the TOS before doing business? I know a lot of people will see it as waste of time, which is wrong if you really want to be successful in your business on Fiverr.

I know that many people now see the forum as a place to lodge complaints, so i have decided to put this up so that people can quickly understand the TOS even if they had never read it on their own.

I start by listing some of the important part of the TOS.

  1. Do not ask or accept a buyer to pay directly into your PayPal account. The simple meaning is for you not to collect money directly from buyers.

  2. Do not contact buyers outside of Fiverr except the CS allow you to do so based on certain reasons.

  3. Never use a foul language in your conversation.

  4. Money, pay, email, and some other words are not allowed in conversation.

  5. Spamming is also against the TOS. I know most of the new sellers don’t know what it mean to spam a forum, site, or seller. Posting your gig in “buyers’ request” section is called spamming. that place is not where you can advertise your service.

  6. Multiple account is a big offence. Do not attempt to run more than 1 one account on Fiverr. I know a lot of people do this because they don’t know the regulations. A seller once posted on this forum encouraging people to have multiple accounts and use it to boost sales. This is against the TOS. respect it.

  7. Stop sending unsolicited messages to sellers and/or buyers.

There are more points to add, but i will give room for other conscious members to add them so that forum users can quickly read it.


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The reason for your inbox is to:

  1. send messages to sellers asking for more information about their gigs

  2. receive messages from buyers who are asking for more information about your gigs

  3. communicate with buyers who have asked questions or need to give you information concerning an order

Spam is anything that is not one of these.

If someone previously purchased your gig, it is not an excuse to continue to contact them once you deliver the gig unless they contact you first. It’s not like they are on your mailing list after that so it’s ok to keep sending them messages.

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