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Need for help with my gigs


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Hello. Please be patient. You are new here, and so it is not unusual to get 0 or very few views. Keep it in mind that those statistics are only reliable when you have a consistently high number of views, impressions, orders etc… So with
time they will become more useful. For now, do not worry about them too much.


Change your description. The “biting” thing is strange in my opinion. Talk about your experience, why buyers should choose you, and so on.

Use buyer requests to sell your service to prospective buyers. At first, buyers will not come to you… so you need to go to them. Pitch your gigs to 10 requests per day and after some time you’ll get a few orders (if you provide a good service). Then you’ll get more orders, more reviews, and finally more gig views and impressions etc. as your ranking goes up.

Hope it helps,
Matt (xqggqx) | ************

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You’re very welcome. Your description is looking much better! Good to see that you’re making positive changes.

Have you had any luck using the buyer requests feature? Another way you could increase your chances of your first few sales is by creating a few other gigs. But remember: no duplicates, and don’t sell anything you can’t actually deliver!

Good luck,

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Again, thanks a lot.
I am trying to get order using the buyer requests feature, but unfortunately not getting any post which meets my skills, and as you said not to sell anything I can’t actually deliver, so it’s being a long time didn’t apply for any job, but still trying.

and I am thinking about creating other gigs, but didn’t get any !dea, whenever I get one, I’ll do it.

Thanks again buddy, Stay good.

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