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Dealing with problem buyer.. PLEASE HELP!


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This is urgent…

I have tried to cancel a gig with a buyer i feel uncomfortable doing.

The buyer refuses to accept the cancellation and is been problematic.

  1. How do i cancel the order?
  2. How do i then block the buyer to never contact me again?
  3. How do i change my fiverr username?

Urgent… please help!!

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Thanks. I am trying to do right by fiverr and the buyer but she is been extremely uncooperative.

She wanted me to meet in person to give her flyers and i told her that its against fiverr policy to contact buyers/sellers outside of fiverr but she has become quite aggressive even though Ive offered her a full refund.

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lol, ignore her stupid threats. The cops won’t do anything. IS your buyer also in Oz, or is your buyer going to report you to her local authorities elsewhere? lol. Ridiculous, and also a violation of Fiverr TOS. Customer Support pronto!

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Quite aside from anything, what will her complaint be? That you offered a cancellation (refund) on the grounds that you don’t wish to work with a buyer who is making unreasonable demands? How is that a scam? You’ve got a crazy buyer here. I guess that means the buyer is in Oz too, but even so, I think you’re well within your rights to send her a (professional!) message saying you will not be communicating with her anymore and that you have contacted Customer Support for assistance in resolving her insane issue.

I know these buyers are incredibly stressful, but hang in there and don’t let them get to you too much 🙂

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Thanks all for your support. Yes i did contact support explaining the situation.

She eventually asked for a refund which i originally offered 10 times before she had cancelled it.

Yes same country.

I explained to her that meeting buyers/sellers outside of fiverr for gigs is against their policies which I have respected since selling on fiverr 9 months ago.

I was even generous enough to wave the 24 hour gig extra as it was her first order with me.

She had contacted me about 2 weeks ago telling me of this order she was going to place and I told her to give me at least 2 day’s notice so I can try get it done for her early…

She contacted me about 10 hours before the gig was meant to be delivered and couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted… She ordered 1000 flyers then told me there would only be 100 people to hand out to, then she told me she had a group of people to hand out the flyers when i had already organised some people to help me.

So then she just wanted me to deliver the flyers to her in which i told her 2 weeks ago i dont just do printing only and i explained i do not meet with buyers/sellers outside of fiverr as to respect fiverrs rules… But no matter how many times i told her she was going crazy.

I even told her alternate solutions to get her flyers but she demanded i deliver them at a certain time and location.

Thankfully it did get cancelled and I hope i never deal with her or any other buyer like that in the future.

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Oh, you’ll get buyers like this in the future. They will always surprise you! Glad you resolved it. Just stick to your guns and immediately retreat if you have any alarm bells going off with future clients. The aggro is not worth it at all…

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I haven’t had a chance to read your gigs, but be SURE that you state in flyer gigs that they need to send you a digital file and you will print it and arrange for handouts without in-person or other contact.

Fiverr could give you permission to have someone mail flyers to you, but it’s a really bad idea since they would then be able to harass you even more. If you want to do flyer gigs, I would just be sure you have a good quality color printer, take an actual photograph of a nice color flyer that you’ve printed and specify those details in your gigs.

If you want to offer an extra saying that you will have special flyers (glossies, cardstock) printed at a printer in your area you could offer that as an expensive extra (still using a digital means of getting the flyer file in a format you can open) but if you are super-clear in your gig offering, CS can back you.

I just had a gig order for a gig where I offer very specific types of of legal consultation/research and someone ordered market research which I do not do. I offered a cancellation immediately and contacted CS to give them a heads up on the situation. It had to end in a forced cancellation and I wish it could have been mutual, but it was still worth it and CS had my back because I explained politely and very clearly.

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Thanks guys.

Yeah with the flyers, I ALWAYS tell them to contact me first before ordering and that I do not deliver flyers to the buyer… It is a print and distribute gig which 99% of buyers are happy with.

Some buyers ask for a photo of the printed stack which I always happily provide.

I have a very high rating and reviews and repeat customers.

If I was scamming as this woman or others as she suggested, then why would i have repeat customers, a number of them contacting me a week later to do repeat business because they got some sales?

Why would I offer her a complete refund?

Why would I have such a high rating after 9 months of selling?

Appreciate your support all 🙂

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