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firstly,forgive me about my English .i am new in fiverr and i want to answer about something .There are most of sellers who sell the same of my gig and they are on the top of search of fiverr .What forced the buyer to buy from me ? or how the buyer reach to me .he need to click next page ,next page, next page …etc many times to find me . what i do to help the buyers find me easily ? please help me …

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I don’t know if you meant to use the word force in that way, but to be clear, force means to make someone buy no matter what, even against their will. Of course, you cannot force a buyer to even look at your gig and you sure cannot force a buyer to buy it. I think perhaps you meant another word, like encourage a buyer to buy your gig.

No one knows for sure how Fiverr decides what gigs go to the top. We do know that there are some things that make it more likely. If your gig is a well written gig with good graphics, if it has a video, if it is getting good sales and if you have some good 4-5 star reviews these things can help your gig get higher on the page. Fiverr also sometimes rotates gigs so different ones appear closer to the top.

If you want your gig to be higher on the page and you want buyer to consider you, the first things to work on are the basic ones mentioned. Get some help from a native English speaker or a non-native with very strong English skills. Have your gig description written clearly. Make good images that display your own work very well. If your images are badly done or they display designs that are taken from someone else, that will work against you. Make a good gig video or hire someone to make one for you.

Your profile picture also looks like something taken from the internet and is probably a copyright violation. Put up either your own professional picture or at least use a unique logo you’ve designed yourself or hired someone to create for you. The more you copy, the less likely you’ll get business, especially in graphic design.

Read some good tips on the forum. Here are some to start:

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Since you don’t have any actual gigs listed, I can’t really help you any more than that. I have no idea what your gigs would look like. When you do get some gigs up, you can’t advertise them on most of the forum categories but you can advertise in the My Fiverr Gigs category. Good luck.

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