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Need help my first ever gig is live but no orders yet!


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Order won’t flow from day one 🙂 I had to wait 40 days before getting one order. And 3 - 4 month to get a steady flow of orders.

You need to constantly work on your pitch to make sure that you offer the right service with the right info.

You’re not clear enough about your service. And you’re a bit deceiving people by mentioning unlimited traffic just by pinging a blog or a website 🙂 If your customer’s content sucks, they won’t get any no matter what 🙂

Be more clear, talk a bit about what pinging is, specify how many entries you have on your ping list, and try a less timely commitment because 1 year is really a long shot 🙂

Another thing you said is you’ll be using a program. Generally speaking, people apprehend softwares because some, if not all, tend to do the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

Humanize your service. People need to feel that there’s a human behind the service. Not a mere software once pushed it will, or not, keep pinging their website.

Make your text more attractive. CAPITALIZE and highlight important words to get a better visibility.

Good luck on fiverr 🙂

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One thing that may shut you down is the inclusion of your URL in your profile. Your website has a clear “Contact” form which makes it against Fiverr ToS to display the URL on your profile or gigs. If you don’t get rid of that reference, you could end up with sales and then find one day that you have no account on Fiverr.

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Guest essyjoseph

i have checked your gig, its great and you have a video too. that’s great! but as fonthaunt said, (One thing that may shut you down is the inclusion of your URL in your profile
I think you should make some changes there
All the best

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