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Five things that buyers don't know about New Sellers


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Hello reader I am a professional graphic designer in Logo, business cards, flyers and banner designing with 4 years of professional experience.When i first heard of online marking, i knew just fiverup ( a platform that offers the same services offered here on fiverr). I have been working on fiverup for the past 2years as a graphic designer in the above mention categories before joining fiverr some few months back. For this few months that i have been on fiverr i have discovered that most orders go just the way of top level sellers who have already made more orders. Comparing this two marketing platforms, i can say that its more likely for a new seller on fiverup to grow than its the case here on fiverr. Some of the things that most buyers don’t know about new sellers are as follows:-

  1. One thing that buyers don’t know about graphic designing is that it needs a lot of care and creativity to come up with a nice design to meet the customers needs. My reason for saying this is because i have noticed that most buyers that need design on graphic order more often the way of old sellers and at the end, a scrap design is delivered to you at the detriment of the customer and the advantage of the seller that needs the cash so badly and forget about the satisfaction of the customer. But this is not the case with new sellers because most new sellers have few orders and turn to spend more time to design your order to me your satisfaction.
  2. One secret about new sellers especially me is that they offer unlimited revision on every order until you are satisfied but that is not the case with old sellers with tones of order in query.This is because most sellers are trying to promote their business and win the confidences of the customer.
    3)Most new seller turn to offer their services very cheap when compared to top level sellers. This is because the top level sellers are aware of the fact that anything they say will easily be accepted by the buyer and paid for because the buyer knows that he is a top level seller and what every he/she say is what is correct.
    4)Most new sellers try to create a good link with their buyers by offering extra packages with their order for just $5. When i talk of extra offers i mean extra stuffs like source files which is charged for extra cash by top level sellers
    5)Most buyers have this impression that most new sellers don’t know how to design good quality stuff but forget to know that most of this top rated sellers started like this new sellers.I will take my case as an example. I am a top graphic designer on fiverup but here on fiverr am a new seller but any one seeing my gig might just assume that this guy is not good to design my stuff.but that isn’t the case.
    All this above points are specifically for graphic designing. I don’t know much about the order categories. If you want a high quality logo,business cards, banners, Flyers or animations you can contact me at www.uk.fiverr.com/justicslogo
    Thanks for reading
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