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Help me improve my gig by criticizing it please


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Dear Fiverr sellers,

Please help me embetter my gig and guide me through the process of getting new customers and building my path to success at Fiverr, I am skilled and yet I don’t receive any offers … should I be more patient or should I advertise my gig online … because all the buyers don’t even bother hiring new sellers. They should know that all those top rated sellers began from nothing and there are plenty of new sellers with better skills and way better fees.

Thank you very much,
RACHID (French to English Translator and vice versa <ttps://fr.fiverr.com/zouhairrachid> ) .

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Hello Rachid! Welcome to Fiverr. For one thing, you may have to be a bit more patient In the meantime, there are things you could probably improve on your gig.

I would suggest that you change your profile message. Don’t start with a negative. When you start out with reasons not to hire you, a new buyer may assume that it is an actual review and move on. I would instead give reasons to hire you from the very beginning.

My second thought would be to offer English to French at the beginning but not the reverse. From your writing alone I can see that you can read English well and I imagine you can write in French well. I would not be so sure about your abilities going in the reverse at this stage.

If you can add more gigs, that isn’t a bad idea either. If you feel able, offer things like transcription in French and/or testimonials in French (and English but with French accent.) Many people love accents and it’s a good area to earn extra cash.

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