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So, I had this client once


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They were launching a new product and needed copy for a fundraiser. A quick Google of their branding for more information about them revealed two things to me, both of which amused me greatly:

a) they were offloading the bulk of the hard work onto another freelance site for pennies
b) their brand name had rather unfortunate fetish connotations: men who like looking pregnant. But sexily looking pregnant.

They were going to have a tough time overcoming this fetish so far as PR was concerned (especially with the picture of their budget that came free with point a), especially as the product was aimed at toddlers–or rather, the mothers of toddlers.

Both my copy and the product have gone down like a lead bomb. A quick Google of brand name ideas could have prevented that walking disaster. Anyway, let’s hear some other horror stories!

I’m bored of all this Fiverr-centric tips, moans and whatever stuff, this is a forum, we can be social and talk about other vaguely work related things too!

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um, sorry, do you mean “men who likes pregnant looking women,” or
the men WANT to look pregnant themselves???
I’m sure I know what I’ve read, but it sounds so…well, strange I had to ask.

I’ve had people ask for strange orders, but I don’t think they were scary.
One guy did ask for an illustration of a “blond girl with pig tails in a school uniform
showing her cleavage and holding a bacon on a fork” but I think I did an OK job with the
image and it came out pretty cute…but yeah, if you just read the description,
it’s pretty…strange? Weird?

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