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Being Specific and Detailed


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So its my first week at fiverr and I have already made my first 2 sales of $10 and $25 each and already in talks with 2 more. Maybe for some sellers it seems a slow growth and they might have done much better than me in their first week. But I am just quoting my reality. I am just sharing of how I am going to survive here and what my experience till now has taught me @ fiverr.
So it has taught me to 2 things be specific and be detailed when you explain your gig, that too in a small period of time and in good english. If not in the video definitely in the description below.
Also ask and ask about the specifications until clear but politely. Maybe prepare a form for the customer to fill every time one orders or wants to order. This can help us increase the efficiency of our final product and reduce mistakes. I have not tried the form fillng method yet but gonna try with the next customer surely. It seems like a good idea. Don’t you think?
And there is one more thing that I will be doing is that keep updating my gig according to the most of the customers requirement. Just in the starting , so as to know their requirements. And then keep it like that .I think every seller on fiverr must have used this updating tactic. If you are a pro seller then please tell us what have you done in the beginning to fully satisfy your customers. We beginners would be obliged to hear from you.
According to me Being specific and detailed is the key to happy customers.

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Guest nicktribedesign

Congrats on earning in your first week! Not everyone is so lucky! But be sure to that you don’t become complacent or burn out - continual success is difficult to maintain and relies on complete hard work and complete dedication to high quality service to your buyers.

Also, throwing in deals and discounts will help build up a customer base for new sellers.

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