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Does Fiverr not have Customer Support?


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I would have to so it has limited support. I have logged a complaint with them about a seller who was top rated however provided very amateur work plus I paid the extra for vectorized logo and never received it.

While the seller did do some work (in the end I had to do my own design) he did not provide the vectorized logo. I also had to do that myself. However logging a complaint with “Support” has so far resulted in me continuously repeating myself as they don’t appear to be reading any part of my complaint.

They just keep saying review the sellers gig before purchase. If they actual review the gig they will see the seller is in the wrong.

So support, not really. From my experience so far you have to be very strict and firm with the sellers.

There is no phone support so you are stuck with waiting for replies via the support tickets and hope they have actually reviewed your complaint. I will however start looking for some phone numbers associated with Fiverr and if they are useful will post them here so others can call to attempt to speak with a human to resolve an issue.

First purchase on Fiverr for me was a massive let down. Will try one more and then just walk away if they are just as bad as the last seller.

Also like to point out $5… You get what you pay for however when you are paying the extras the seller better deliver.

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