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Hi all ,

I want to start a Gig For research On any topic needed by the buyer.Actually I dont know much about what to deliver etc.

Do I have to deeply research for a topic given by the client in the web and glean information from many links I searched .

?I am ready to spend lot of hours/lot of hard work to to do internet reasearch.

I have to put the searched Information in a doc?

Finally I have to deliver the doc?


Sudip Beura

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" I can d o up to 4 hours of work for $5."

Why would you write that? It’s none of their business how much time you work. For $5 I would not work longer than 15 minutes. Of course, nobody needs to know that. That’s why I don’t advertise it.


Again, you don’t write that. the money back guarantee is fine, but not “in case of mediocre work.” You’re basically admitting that your work may be mediocre, you never want to admit that. Instead, try the old standard: “Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.”

Good luck.

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