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Peer Gig Review: Sharing tips, ideas, and suggestions


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Hello everyone!

I’m actually new here (around two months to be specific), yet I’ve already learned a couple of things that I would like to share to you. Now, there are already plenty of great information in other posts, everything to be said has been said multiple times. However generic and ‘one size fits all’ tips are very hard to apply in our own Fiverr gigs and don’t match up to tailored and custom tips!

I would like to encourage others to provide their valuable insights and help each other with their gig pages. Post a comment and the awesome Fiverr sellers here will try to provide a detailed and applicable comment, suggestion, or improvement for you to think about. Also, as much as we accept constructive criticism, we don’t allow foul languages, discouragements, and negative thoughts. Point out the mistakes of others in a polite and helpful manner.

Hoping that we will all be able to pick up a thing or two from others. Cheers! Wishing us all the best,


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Reply to @therealjamesarq: Yes, you are exactly right about clicking on names and it’s great that you mentioned it. Let’s hope you are right about no links - so far, so good. One reason that custom gig-review posts usually aren’t good for the Tips for Sellers category is that custom tips often can’t be applied to large numbers of readers. However, giving you the benefit of the doubt, we’ll see what happens.

I’ll give you some feedback while I am passing by. You have one gig with very little description and you’ve got this line in it: “Allow me to spell out what’s in your mind and write from your imagination.” I would suggest that you change this offer up a little. Offer to write based on an outline or rough draft they give you, or offer to ghostwrite something based on your own ideas but give the buyer full rights to put their name on it. If I bought your gig and just sent “write me something from my imagination and spell out what is in my mind” and that’s all I said, how could you possibly do that?

I can guarantee you that even if I liked what you wrote, it’s probably not what is in my imagination and my mind. You are really asking for trouble with a gig like that, since all the buyer has to do is say that you didn’t read their mind and they are due to get their money back. It looks like you originally used that gig space to offer poems for people so that also might cause you a little trouble since even if you gather some good reviews, buyers won’t know if that was from the original gig or the one you have there now.

I see that your text animation gig also suggests that you’ll utilize the colors in the buyers mind. That gives you the same problem as with the literature gig. It’s very easy for a buyer to use that as a loophole to cancel. The gig you have good sales on so far offers to turn the buyer’s ideas into something, but that’s at least a little less risky since a buyer will probably realize you’d like some input from them on what ideas they have.

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