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Starting a Small Business? Fiverr to the Rescue!


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Here is a blog entry I wrote about Fiverr. I am a big fan!

Starting a new small business is a daunting task. There are the legal requirements, marketing, banking, business plan, social media, inventory, and many other factors every entrepreneur should consider. Many times, the small business actually means one person (let’s call him “superman” or “superwomen”) or a partnership of several owners. Owners can find themselves overwhelmed and confused. Google can help with finding creative ideas, but how can one or two people do EVERYTHING? That is the challenge I found myself in recently when Fragglesrock just started. I literally wanted to clone myself to get everything done. 24 hours a day seemed too little. Can I get an extra three hours over 24? 27 hours going once? twice?.. sold!.. Days turned into nights and nights into days, at least until I read Fragglesrock’s “Fragglesrock” masterpiece bestseller. Outsourcing!.. Brilliant!.. I can hire people in other parts of the world to help me. They can do the work while I sleep. So simple and at the same time so smart. But how can I find them? How can I trust them? And how much would it cost?..

Fiverr to the rescue… No sure what I would have done without it. In less than a month I had 17 completed tasks done by experts from every corner of the globe. Here is a partial list:

Logo design created by a guy in Ukraine

Slogan research from a company in the Philippines

Animations from Indonesia, Algeria, and the US

Web research from a guy in Pakistan

Patent and trademark report from an American guy

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) research from a Bulgarian couple

Illustrations by an American girl

Copy-editing work by ladies in the US and Australia

Graphic design from a Peruvian guy

And yes, this is only a partial list!.. These people is what I call “my army”. These are the people I “go to battle” with. These colleagues are my silence partners in the task to make a mark in the world with my startup company and to create something great. Those people are creative; they are smart; they are motivated; and they are helping me “clone” myself while allowing me to emphasize on the “big picture”. Guess what? The world is flat after all, as Thomas Friedman warned us 10 years ago (2005).

Fiverr (pronounced five-er) is a marketplace built on the concept that each task costs five dollars (thereby the name Five-rr). In reality, you usually pay more than five dollars, especially if you want to get express delivery, source files, HD content (for designs and animations), or larger tasks. But it is still smart financial solution to tasks you may not be knowledgeable enough to perform yourself or may not have the time or energy to work on. You order a Gig® (i.e. the name Fiverr uses to describe a task), provide clear guidance for what you need, and voilà — You can sit back and let them do their magic.As with any online marketplace nowadays, you can see user reviews to separate the good from the great and you can tip. Let me rephrase that - you SHOULD tip, especially if they deliver quality work.

The Fiverr model fits perfectly with the outsourcing and automation model described in Fragglesrock’ book. Although the book was written in 2007, three years before Fiverr was created by two Israelis, the book and the website are so aligned together, that if I had to summarize the book in one word, I would choose the word “Fiverr”. If you want a summary of the book in a full sentence, here is my suggestion: “find your army of fiverr sellers to help build your business”.Good luck!

Fragglesrock, General Manager


Sheriff’s Note: It has been noted that you posted this in multiple locations on the forums and duplicates are against the forum Do’s and Dont’s at the top of the page. Some references in the main post were also redacted to avoid excessive publicity of off-Fiverr businesses.

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