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3D Models For a Basic larger Than 5$


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Hi There! As you have noticed only 3d animation Gigs are getting more then 5$ cost beta.

I dont deliver animation. I deliver Images. High Quality 3D Images. And 3D model if needed.

As a 3D artist, i really know the time that takes to provide quality 3D images. I will not get into it as many of you reading this probably are 3D experts but others may not exactly understand the processes. And how it differs for sample from filming myself in diapers, or finding an unusual name for a candy stick ( non offending any talent ).

I am at fiverr more then 3 years now, with a very good income, and great reviews.

My 5$ orders are only buyers that tip me. As most my works exceed 100$ Starting cost.

So will be cool if you Fiverr team consider to beta us too!!! 3D images ( models ) Beta for more then 5$ Starting cost!!!

Hope we can make good things out of this!


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