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My gigs continually down relegation # 1 to # 2 part new search. please help me


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Sales come and go. It’s just how things are as a Fiverr seller. Focus on improving your gig, promote it elsewhere on the internet… and be patient. If buyers are looking for your services, the sales will come eventually. There is, however, nothing you can do to guarantee steady sales.

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“If you build it they will come…” Sorry couldn’t help myself, I’ve found the best way to find clients is to check the Buyer Requests market and just send out as many as the 10 offers per day as you can, I’ve made probably 3/4 of my sales doing just that I dare say? 🙂

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Guest seochick101

Instead of the title you have, use:
“I will bring over 300 potential buyers to your website for $5”

Use this description instead of the one you have:

"I will provide PERMANENT, REAL traffic to your website - GUARANTEED**!


? 300+ real genuine VISITORS to your WEBSITE.
? Continuous traffic for 60 DAYS
? 60% USA, 80% Europe - Absolutely no CHINA.

Imagine if just 30% (90+) of these visitors purchased your product? And that’s a SMALL percentage!

GOOGLE is sure to notice your website’s POPULARITY - You’ll get closer to first page on GOOGLE SEARCH!

All orders are processed within 12 hours
All you have to do is provide your URL and I’LL TAKE CARE OF THE REST!


Q & A:

Q: Am I guaranteed traffic to my website?
A: YES! You will receive over 300 REAL visitors to your website

Q: Am I guaranteed to make a sale?
A: Although I cannot control the actions of your visitors, if people want your product, they WILL buy - simple as that! You’re more likely to make more sales with 300+ visitors than NONE at all, right?


** Restrictions apply: I do not provide services for websites that are in any way offensive. Please inquire regarding restrictions."

This is what I was going to send you via Fiverr messaging, however, you did not respond because you simply felt I was not going to help.

Good luck! I’ll keep you in my favorites in case I need to refer your services to someone! 🙂

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