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A calendar facility would be very useful.... a note on Custom Orders


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I would find a calendar feature really useful to show potential and repeat buyers my availability, and not have to explain that I’m away this weekend or working late or just having some time out. Sometimes I switch my gig off, just for a breather, having a full time job and juggling fiverr can be quite demanding. Even when I switch my gig off, I get emails from repeat clients asking when will I be back, etc. This makes going on holiday or even away for a weekend quite stressful, as I feel I always have to have my phone or ipad handy and linked to wifi to respond. Any thoughts?

Also, I have noticed that if I send a custom order, the buyer can activate it whenever they want. I had one come through weeks later…could we not put an expiry on them? If I say I can offer a service within a time scale, it’s from when I send it, my availability isn’t the same two weeks later.

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