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I’d like to hear your definition of REAL traffic. In detail please. Preferably with the exact method how you generate REAL traffic.

I’m still finding a Fiverr seller who can convince me to purchase the so-called REAL traffic instead of Facebook ads and other proper advertising methods. Will you be the one?

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Hi thank you for your question.

Real traffic = Real human visitors
Traffic that is sent by ad display, text ads, expired domains, local search engine, pop-ups, pop unders, blogs and other marketing strategies. In other words traffic that can tracked with IP by location.

Traffic sent by bots or software in most cases isn’t real traffic. They are IP visits generated by bots and have usually no location or cant be tracked, some even have their IP masked. This traffic is not adsense safe and could result in banning your website from search engine page results and having a poor website rankings.

And yes we can provide real human traffic. Our traffic is 100% real human visitors and can be tracked with google analytics and other tracking software.

Now the question is what is your goal?

  1. Generate Quick Leads?
  2. Increase Your Website Rankings And Boost Your Organic Traffic?

Because there is different types of traffic and that is what people don’t understand.

Let us know your goal and Ill let you know
What is the best solution for you.

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  1. Not even 0.0001% of the hits convert? I doubt your service’s usefulness.

    Extracted from one of your negative reviews:

    “He told me that all of his traffic highly targeted. They have thousands of blog and from blog they send traffic. He sent me almost 6000 thousands hits, I had good offer, though not a single person optin in my link. I track his traffic through google analytic.”

  2. Then what’s the exact method are you using? You’ve named so many methods of driving so-called real traffic, but which exact one are you using? Can the buyers see their ads being displayed? You’ve claimed you have a network of 15000 websites. Is that real?

  3. How do I know that you’re not using useless traffic generation methods like social exchange sites?

  4. How do I know that you’re not using bots? Nowadays some bots can simulate traffic with locations, user agents, browsers and referring sites.

  5. Why shouldn’t I buy from Facebook ads, Adwords and other established advertising companies, while your services offer extremely low transparency?

Sorry if I raise so many questions, as I’m clearly not an advocate of purchasing so-called real traffic, no matter on Fiverr or other sites. I even wrote a post about that: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/59198/never-buy-website-traffic-gigs-sellers039-dirty-tricks-revealed

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First off… that is a great post.
but its good you mention this…

Yes like the user said we over deliver our gigs … we are not in the business of selling leads. there are companies that sell leads We sell TRAFFIC! For that specific campaign we used pop-ups and pop-unders if im not mistaken (such as popads). Do you know what 6000 visits are? Its really nothing! You expect how much to convert from an advertising campaign? Specially with only 6000 visitors.

To answer your big question: about “Real Traffic” All of our traffic can be tracked in google analytics, GOOGLE just purchased the latest technology a software called spider.io you can check for yourself and that removes all fake traffic and advertising malware traffic (in other words google doesn’t register fake traffic). Not only it can be tracked on google analytics it can also be track by individual IP’s so you can see where it comes from in our member area.

OUR TRAFFIC is 100% GOOGLE SAFE = Why? Because we only send 100% human traffic.

And to answer your other question… Yes your better off purchasing facebook ads as they have a higher conversion rate but with quality comes higher prices. And if you know anything about facebook ads, you would understand that your CPM rate or CPC rate depends on your target audience with 6000 hits could cost you well over $5 compared to a gig on fiverr. And yet no sale or lead guarantee. I had a few facebook campaigns with over 10 000 hits and no leads. Leads and conversions isn’t only about traffic but also quality content.

Our traffic is not made for Affiliate links, CPA offers or people that want immediate sales.
The traffic we provide is perfect for someone who just started out with a new website or blog and want to raise their online presence, increase their website rankings and boost their organic traffic WITH TIME. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAST MONEY with small amount of traffic. WITH TIME they will see conversions

This is the reason why I ask all my clients what is your goal? Just like I asked you.
We offer free website analysis report to show our clients how their website perform before and after our campaign.

If all traffic converted, then everyone would be rich… Don’t you think? I could point you out to companies that actually sell leads and not traffic. That’s what most people want but its expensive, email marketing is what converts the best. People think that by buying traffic they will get immediate sales, doesn’t work like that in the real world conversions depend on numerous factors not just its traffic but also graphics, keywords and so on.

People selling fake traffic destroys the business for honest companies like us. But we don’t mind because we know what we sell and we stand behind our services with 100% money back guarantee!

Instead of trashing us down why don’t you team up with us and maybe become a re-seller yourself? You would understand better that not everyone is in business to scam people.

Any more questions?

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