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Please help me get buyers

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I think you need to fix your videos so the first frame is not just plain black because that is all anyone see if they search and find your gig at first.

Also, the video has the same three samples in it. So it might be a good idea to change that or change the photos and add other samples to your portfolio.

Your work is good, especially those eyes shots, but in terms of how your gig is being presented, go look at other photoshop sellers that have a high rating and notice how they do it.

It also just takes time to start making sales. There are many, many sellers who offer what you do, so it takes time.

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First of all do not post your profile or gig link here its called spam.

I checked your gigs. Description is all right But you have to use Just wow Images. mean to say
use that images which attract buyers. some professional images.
other thing is Fiverr want hard work. some people think we create a gig and wait for orders but that’s not enough. you have to promote your gigs. Discussion about latest topics on Forum. use your facebook, Twitter or any other social account for promoting your gigs. one thing more you can use Buyer request section as well.
Hope you got my point. try this all and you will get definitely orders… But have patience then you can successful on Fiverr. Good Luck!!

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