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Our First 30 days (give or take)


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Hey all!

It’s jive-a-five here 🙂

We often see people inquiring on what they should expect when they start and we wanted to share how it went down when we first started.

In full disclosure, we have been here for roughly 45 days, or so. Our first GIG posted was put up in haste and pulled it down shortly after. It had no video and only a couple of pics. The GIG just didn’t seem to fit what we felt people would be interested in having here and we didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it when we put it up.

Our next GIG was put up (w/video) and we quickly received our first order only a couple days after, on March 3rd! Our GIG is for jingle/song writing, this type of creative service is quite popular among the Fiverr community!

About 22 days ago, we added an official second GIG for voiceovers. We received the first order on that GIG within 11 hours of posting it!

We have done ZERO advertising outside of Fiverr. While we try to remain reasonably active within the Fiverr forum and some wonderful individuals right here on Fiverr have graciously shared our GIG services on their websites and blogs, we have not done any advertising or marketing on our own. Our main GIG is quite labor intensive, so we probably couldn’t maintain a really high volume of orders (20 at a time) without extending the job time more.

So now here’s the dirt:

We received Level 1 status much quicker than anticipated. I believe we had only 7 orders total at the time, of which only 5 were actually delivered and we received it on March 14th, only 11 days after we received our first order! That day we received 6 new orders!

Sa far to date, the stats are:

51 Total orders

38 Completed and Delivered

2 Mutual Cancellations

11 Currently Active

7 Currently in Progress

100% Rating

• We just hit $300.00 in revenue for our efforts

• We are averaging just over $6.00 per order, after the Fiverr fee

• We receive an average of 1.5 orders a day (51 orders / 32 active days)

The keys to our success

While there are certainly more popular services and most successful sellers within their first 30 days, I believe we would not have had our start up success without three key factors:

  1. Having a VIDEO! – you rank better in the site listings and in multiple places when you have a video! Plus people like to have that connection to the seller by hearing their voice or watching them interact, as opposed to looking at a still frame photo.
  2. Thoughtful Key Words/Tags – if we would have overlooked using tags/keywords, we surely would have been dropped farther down the lists and would not have shown up in particular searches (even if the search function is a little sketchy  )
  3. Being a Part of the Community – a lot of the sellers here are also buyers and they love to pay it forward to the Fiverr community! By being active on the forums and interacting with our fellow Fiverr’ers, we have stirred up some business internally, and will hopefully become a known and respected member that people can rely on for their services. That means repeat business!

    I know this is quite the long post, but I hope it gives a little insight to those who may be wondering how it could play out for themselves!

    At this rate, I’m sure we will continue to grow the customer base and will have new GIGs coming in the future.

    Each day is exciting being a part of Fiverr and we hope to be around for quite some time!

    Here’s to many fiverr’s for all!


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Thank you jive-a-five for sharing your experience - it is very interesting to me as a newbie. May I ask you a question: Since as new sellers, if our buyers want extras they have to buy additional separate gigs, don’t you find it challenging to get the buyers to go through all the steps (responding to instruction request, marking gig as delivered, leaving feedback) on all the additional gigs?

I’m collecting you!

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Hi @song4you!

Just as @deannabalestra mentioned, as long as your instructions are clear to the buyer, they shouldn’t have any issues with buying additional gigs for the “extras”. Our song GIG is for a 30 sec spot, but some buyers wanted 60 second spots and more. Before we leveled up, our only option was to have them buy more than one GIG, which they all gladly did. One thing to keep in mind when soliciting for multiple GIG orders, is that your initial GIG must be available for only $5. You can’t offer your service for $20 and tell people to just buy 4 orders. That would conflict with the ToS!

I have had very few difficulties with buyers not being able to comply with the instructions.

One important process I didn’t mention above, is to be sure you reply to a buyer as quickly as you can once an order is placed! If an order comes in and your timeline says it will be 3 days to complete, don’t have your first contact with the customer be at the time of delivery. I always respond to buyers at the first opportunity I have after their order is placed. I simply thank them for their order and invite them to ask any questions along the way!

As far as feedback goes, we all love to get great feedback, but some buyers don’t always leave feedback. I don’t worry about it though. The GIG will auto complete after 3 days from your delivery deadline. When I deliver the products, I always invite them to leave feedback, but I never tell them to or message them about it if they don’t.

Best of luck and many fiverr’s!


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