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Gig URL titles that differ majorly from actuall gig titles made me wonder


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I was just looking at certain kinds of gigs here on Fiverr that I was interested in, and noticed some funny, interesting, and different URL titles for these gigs.

As I’ve read a tip from a Fiverr Admin earlier in the forums, I understand that the first title you write into your gig is the title that will stick in the URL address, even if you edit the gig title it at a later point.

Now I came across quite a few gigs that had different URL titles, but only slightly, and then I found one with a completely different title and URL title.

As an example of how different it was:

Gig title: I will promote your website to my social media followers

URL title: I-will-eat-ice-cream

This made me wonder, if there are sellers on Fiverr that would create one gig in a specific category, and then get a few buyers and reviews, and then change the whole gig to something completely different, leaving the reviews from the other gig and making it seem like this gig received all those reviews.

Now some of these reviews would perhaps seem strange since they would be for the other gig, and whilst thinking that, I actually remember sometimes reading reviews that seem a bit off, like they belonged to another gig.

Just thought I’d post a forum thread about this as I thought it was interesting and wonder if anyone else have been thinking about this as well. 🙂

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Reply to @alysmcdonough: Yeah, I think some people didn’t get any sales with their gig so they simply changed it to something else.
But I’m wondering a bit if some might do that to get into the high competition categories. If they have a lot of reviews for one gig, and then change it to a high competition category they want to get into, it might seem as if they’re popular in that category.
But if they have live portfolio on it would be quite obvious, but some might turn this off for this reason.
But its just speculations I was thinking about.

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Yes, I think this happens. Mu URL’s rarely match exactly just because I play with my content during slow phases. Some people may not intend deception and are just being lazy. Others do it to deceive. I don’t think Fiverr goes looking for these and if it’s a small issue they may not care. If it looks weird enough to show the seller intended to trick people and another user reported it, Fiverr would probably take action.

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