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What's the best way to advertise your gigs on the Fiverr Forums?


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So now that the forums are a thing, that gives us sellers a whole new venue to advertise on! But with that in mind, what’s the best way to present yourself here?

My post on the My Fiverr Gigs was just a link to my gig page as well as a few samples, but I found that my post was not that successful. Are there any post formats you guys found particularly engaging?

Also I think part of my lack of success might have been due to the discussion title I chose. I titled it “I will draw a portrait of you, or any other person/character you want!” which didn’t really mention that the portraits were supposed to be cartoon portraits, and wasn’t particularly unique as a gig. I think if I had mentioned that they were cartoon portraits drawn in a unique style, I would have maybe gotten more interest.

Also, most people who go to the My Fiverr Gigs forum tend to be sellers themselves. So as sellers are you guys interested in purchasing gigs at all, or are there any specific gigs you guys are interested? I’m a bit worried that the My Fiverr Gigs section is not all that good for advertising, since it’s mostly sellers who just pop in an advertise, from what I see, and so posts tend to get buried quite quickly.

Have you guys ever gotten any success from advertising there as well?

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adoxographist said: So now that the forums are a thing, that gives us sellers a whole new venue to advertise on! But with that in mind, what's the best way to present yourself here?


While the case for "advertising on the Fiverr forum" could be successfully argued as "preaching to the choir", there are in fact effective ways to accomplish just that.


The "best way"? Don't advertise!!


PARTICIPATE in a Cordial and Professional manner.


"Advertise" your services simply by...

- Being Intelligent and Helpful

- Offering Insight and Solutions

- Pointing newbies to Existing Posts that cover a Wide Variety of Issues

- Keep your posts Short and On Point



- Type your post in Word or Text BEFORE you type it into the Forum space

- Check Spelling

- Proofread what you've written to be sure it's Clear

- Wait 10 minutes BEFORE you post



- Flood the Forum with Self Promotion

- Post more than one Portfolio Photo

- Beg or Plead for Sales

- Call Out others

- Post in Anger or Haste


Remember this is a USERS Forum and "it takes one to know one". Be a USER. Talk with USERS. Help USERS. Let USERS help you.


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Guest latika426

Hello, one of my gig’s banner ad has been removed automatically. However, it had been active for more than 20 days. why it is happen. suggestion please!!!

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I, too, would like to know the best way to advertise my gigs. I have been here since last year. I have about eight gigs and I have only received 1 person’s request for me to do a gig for them. I don’t have a facebook or twitter account, nor do I want one and I personally don’t think a person should be forced to get one to advertise. Is there any way to advertise without social media? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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I am still learning, so find this good post!

I Have joined fiverr Yesterday fro the first time, and Thinking of Going Long here 🙂 So i am learning how to promote my gigs (Services) Because i can do it, but As a new Seller it is Hard to get the starting orders i think.

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Very informative post. As i am very young on fiverr every piece of advice is like a gold mine for me. I sold five gigs on fiverr in my first week of joining. As i learned on this forum the best way to promote a gig is to be clear why are you here, and how can you benefits your clients. Remember always respond a.s.a.p.to any question ask by your client.

Well i am talking too much

just have a look what i can do 🙂



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