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Feedback & Request for extension of completion date for ORDER #fragglesrock

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Really very great work by Fiverr team. Your provided platform is very smooth and nice to use and beneficial to both the parties (buyer/seller).

Apart from this I also experienced some uncomfortable things which I thought needs improvement for betterment of users and Fiverr as well.

One of them is :

Both (buyer & seller) many times are in need to extend the COMPLETION-DATE for a particular project due to many genuine reasons, Also they both are mutually agreed on this extension of date.

But even on both party’s desire & readiness they can not do this simply because Fiverr does facilitates with such flexibility.

Kindly do the needful to provide such facility where we can do the same on our mutual agreement.

ORDER #fragglesrock

For above mentioned gig/order, The initial work was to deliver a sample (demo kinda work) with in 6 days which I did it.

Later on We (the client & I) both agreed mutually to continue the whole project to be developed by me and the delivery time decided by client (buyer/seller) is now 10 more days (means 6 + 10 (new days) = 16). i.e. till 15/7/2015.

As you can see that due to older date of completion the current status is LATE which is actually not appropriate. So kindly update the completion date to 15/7/2015.

You may also verify the buyer too for the same.

Please lemme know for any query and do the needful.

Sheriff’s Note: The forums are not a substitute for Customer Support. It is also best to not post duplicates of the same post. Please contact Customer Support for further assistance with this issue.

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