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Mrs. Panda is baaackk! ;D WITH FREEBIES!


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Hey guys!

I am finally released from the hospital and I’m back! I’ve been exhausted for the last week and so is my husband.

Speaking of which, I finally did 100% of all my late orders. T_T I had to come over to the forums to keep from facedesking from exhaustion between taking care of my newborn, keeping up with delayed orders, and recovering from surgery.

Welp. I hope to be more active around here. It is good to be back! 😃



I am officially back in business. All late orders have been fulfilled and my shipment of candles, old Tarot cards, and Oracle decks finally arrived. I have a new gig extra: get a reading with one of my premium decks! Also, if you want to jump that queue, there is an express option, as well!

To celebrate the coming of my little man, I am going to throw in a free Angel Card to look deeper into my readings, along with lighting a healing candle for buyers. This will all be for FREE! No strings attached, no gig extras needed to be purchased.


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Thanks guys. 🙂 It feels good to be back full time. I’ve learned that my baby(dookie machine) sleeps to the sound of gunfire and explosions… probably due to the amount of metal music I listened to throughout my pregnancy… so he sleeps very well through my husband playing call of duty all day (how he is spending his maternity leave… LOL) which allows me to work, finally!

Also, I have freebies in my gig now! 😃

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Haha, that’s great that he sleeps! I worried for a while that my monkey wouldn’t sleep at all so I wouldn’t get any work done. While she doesn’t like sleeping much, she enjoys playing with her toys and eating so that’s my chance to get work done.

Welcome back!

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