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Three ways to influence your customer


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I’ve been A/B Testing my advertisement on Fiverr for the past month, and have come up with some solid results which will help you influence your potential customers to click ‘order’.

Be Online Always

Your Fiverr online status seems to turn off after around 10 minutes, after which your green light next to your profile picture will turn to grey. Keep it green, by returning to Fiverr regularly and clicking on new pages. A green light, or the announcement that you are ‘online’, will build trust because the customer will be able to communicate with you immediately. You might not be in the customers’ time-zone, but they don’t know that - particularly when your light is green when they are awake.

Offer free advice

If you get to engage with your customer, that is, they didn’t just hit ‘order gig’ immediately, then ask them some questions about their project, and show that you care about the outcome of your project. If you’ve worked with other customers in a similar field as your new customer, then highlight this experience, and share knowledge. Providing free information will build trust.

Give a little more when you deliver

This is not always possible for all of the gigs on Fiverr, but if you are able to surprise your customer with a bonus that they didn’t expect, then you will certainly get repeat business, and quite possibly receive a tip and referrals. Many of my customers have stated in their testimonials that it was the extra, unexpected extras that impressed them most about there service. For the record, I do voice-overs, and add one or two more versions of the final file with differing reverb.

And that’s it. I’ve only been on Fiverr for a month, but have already received 29 orders, many of them repeat. I am well on my way to Level 2, and hope that my advice helps you too.


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Thanks Morryone and congrats, all of these are great tips for newer and older sellers! :)>-

“Be Online Always” There should be a feature added via the “Mobile App” that adds a timer (1hr - 2hr+) that stays “Online” as long as you have the App open, because messages are sent as text messages/notifications and Sellers are always available to answer text messages.

Design Presentation - Presentation of your Gigs is key, it can be simple but for Image samples and description, they should have great formatting and clean pictures/Ad’s. It is always best from a design point of view to make a good first impression design-wise!

What do you think?

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