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Social media is now the place where you need to spend more time promoting your gigs. There are some Facebook groups dedicated to promote Fiverr gigs. There are also some Pinterest groups where you can also promote your gig.

Some of these groups have thousands of members so if you keep posting in these groups on a regular basis, your gigs could be seen by thousands of potential buyers.

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You are welcome.

For those who use Twitter to promote their gigs, from my experience with Twitter I believe that is more important to concentrate on getting retweets rather than followers. Retweets will give you much more exposure.

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Hi there French Shark. I am new to Fiverr and I have not set up my first “gig” just yet. I read through your guide and it seems to me that English may be your second language? Please don’t be offended as I think you are offering free advice, which is commendable! Your grammar, however could use a little “tweaking”. Please get back to me if you would like any help. Cheers. Spencer.

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Reply to @rosiegigs: Yes, it’s very important to participate in a group where you can find potential buyers for your gig by giving advice or sharing interesting content. You need to show that you are a professional.

There are lots of communities within Facebook and Google+ where you can find buyers interested in your gigs if you choose the right community.

I.e: If you are a book cover designer, then you should participate in author communities or if your gig is related to SEO, then you should participate in webmaster communities.

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Reply to @mimie01: Thanks for sharing this experience.

I also use my real name when I post in Facebook groups and I have never experienced anything like this. I know that there are lots of groups with plenty of scammers so we should be quite selective and choose groups where there’s a moderator.

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Guest paulsoftware

Hello Guys,

I am sure everyone is familiar with Facebook Marketing. For those of who are not quite sure, Facebook is basically an awesome platform which can help you reach all the people who matters most to your business.

Facebook Marketing Can Be Split in Two:

  1. Free Facebook Marketing (Most Popular)
  2. Paid Facebook Marketing (Still Popular)

    In this post I would like to talk about The “Free Facebook Marketing” because everyone loves free stuff. And to be more specific I would like to talk about “Facebook Groups” in particular.

    Typical question from newbies is " What is Facebook Group?"

    Answer from expert: Facebook Groups are collections of individuals on Facebook who has a particular common interest. There are millions of varieties of interest which gave birth to to Facebook Groups. You can literally find Facebook Groups about anything that could ever exit…

    Fiverr Groups, Fashion Groups, Wedding Groups, Make up Groups, Graphic Design, Company Groups etc

    Yes you heard me right. The Limit is literally endless.

    Typical question from newbies "What does this means?"

    Answer from expert: This means that Facebook has made Online Marketing experience extremely simple, because all your Business Prospects & Clients are all on Facebook Groups. I believe by now a light bulb has just sparked in your mind.

    Your question now is: "How Could I Promote My Gigs To Those Groups"

    Well I have Good News if that is the question you thinking about now.

    First you need to know this: You do not need to promote your Gig page directly with tools on facebook or any other social media but instead create a landing page/sales page or get a free landing page which would be linked to to you Gigs and then promote the URL of that page with tools and then when potential buyers opt in to your page, it will now further transfer/redirect buyers to your fiverr Gig page.

    Today I am giving away Trail Versions of Those Tools that can effectively help and skyrocket your Gigs sales and in turn boost up your residual monthly incomes. But because I am not sure how many of you would like to to try the Trial Version of the Facebook Software Products, you should message me if you would like the Trial Version and to get more details.

    I hope this post has made a significant impact on your online marketing strategy.

    Pleas share this post if it was useful to you and remember to contact me if you need the tools and more knowledge.

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