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Share your fiverr life :)

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How’s your work day? What’s the first thing you do? How do you work? What motivates you? Share it so others can learn! Plus, what’s the pros and cons?

I’m up really early. Having a good sleep is really beneficial but sometimes busier than ever pulls me away. The first thing I do is head over to fiverr.com and check any messages. I want to keep my reponse rate in the 90’s. Then I make my morning coffee. My work shifts are from the morning until noon. I usually don’t work then. When I am back, I am on Fiverr until the early hours. I take off one day a week but sometimes Two. All my motivation comes from that first order. It puts me into a continuous working cycle. My working area is very simple. My computer and coffee and nothing else. My computer is on a small roundtable with just enough space for my keyboard and mouse. It’s really helps when your mouse is wireless. Easy movable and very efficient.

Fiverr is my success story. Since the day I clicked on that little green banner I have fell in love with Fiverr. To put it right. Fiverr is glorious.



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