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Multiple Gigs

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My gig is for a proofreading and editing service, and the price is based on word count. I charge $5 for 3,000 words, so if someone wants an edit for 6000 words, they will often purchase the gig in a multiple of two instead of purchasing my gig extra (which charges an extra $5 and allows me an extra day or two to complete the order). When people purchase the multiple gigs option, this allows me no extra time to complete the order. I’ve had people by multiples of 5, and somehow I’m expected to get 15,000 words edited in the same timeframe I get 3,000 words edited, with no extra compensation for rushing that order. For this reason, I often have to cancel orders, and the buyer often rejects to cancel the order, saying it’s “okay that I turn it in late” because they don’t realize that turning in orders late hurts my analytics.

Sellers should either be allowed to turn off the option for buyers to purchase multiple gigs, or extra time should be added to the timer when multiple gigs are ordered. Otherwise, sellers should be able to add a “free” gig extra existing orders for buyers to agree to that adds to the timer. For example, when a buyer says it’s “okay for me to turn it in late,” I could send the offer to add a free extra to the order that adds a few extra days onto the timer. This is not currently possible because of the $5 limit for extras, but if extras could either cost at least $5 OR $0, this could help sellers out a lot with not turning orders in late due to the multiple gigs option being used.

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