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My 1st Month On Fiverr.....Confessions

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I just completed my first month on fiverr selling my gigs (although only one has been getting sales ). At the beginning, i followed EVERY tips and tricks on these forums as well as from other sellers before setting up my gig.

This month was okay for a beginner, you know I earned $28 from 3 sales. That’s not a big amount but it is enough to keep me motivated. My stats are giving 100% in every thing like user satisfaction, response rate etc…

Any recommendations or tips to get me kickstarted for at least $100 per month would be very appreciated.

My Profile: http://self-promotion-removed

Sheriff’s Note: Signatures with links or other self-promotion should only be utilized in the My Fiverr Gigs forum. Your username is already hyperlinked to your profile if anyone is interested.

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