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My Fiverr Journey


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Dear All

I am Sivakamy from India, Mumbai, 8 month ago I created one gig for Illustration, Just now crossed 1000$ club. Fiver is awesome. But now I’m trying to pick up my other gis also all related to Portrait & Illustration.

I am If anyone has any advice for my other gigs please let me know! my gigs below


Thank you in advance, 🙂



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8 months seem to be quite a long time to get to $1000. I checked out your gigs and your work is amazing, you should have wayyy more orders/money than that. The reason for low sales could be your gig delivery time. Try lowering it and see what happens. the 16-29 days probably pushes away 90% of your potential clientele probably. You definitely have the ability to be a top seller in your category, nonetheless keep up the good work.

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