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What should I do?


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Hi guys,

I could really use some advice on what to do. A few days ago I was contacted by a buyer who wanted a project done. The person and I discussed exactly what they needed and I was happy to provide the service. I invited the person to order the specific writing gig (I have a few different ones) and we would go from there.

Well the person ended up ordering the wrong gig and for a whole day they didnt complete the next steps for me to get the go ahead from Fiverr to begin. Early this morning I get an email notification that the person wanted to mutually cancel the order. (I was actually done with the order by this time) I assumed that the person was cancelling because they had ordered the wrong gig and wanted to re-order the correct one. Along with the cancellation, I received a message from the person that said something like: Hey, I have changed some of requirements for writers, I’m sorry that we cannot work together now.However, you definitely have great potential and I will keep you on record for future projects.

So I’m thinking, how can this person say that I have “great potential” and I have not even completed the order?? This person has never seen ANY of my work before. Am I missing something?

So I sent the person a message and asked if they were canceling because they ordered the wrong gig. I then received a message back apologizing for ordering the wrong gig and requesting samples of the story-line that they want.

So here is my question…what are my options? Should I accept the mutual cancellation?

If not, what happens next?

I have just received Level 1 status and this would be my first mutual cancellation and I have no negative feedback. Will this hurt my ratings?

Will I ever be able to get up to Level 2 and beyond? I have contacted Customer Support and I am only using the forum for advice and experience.

Any advice/feedback you can provide would be dearly appreciated. I am sure others out there have gone through the same thing.

Thanks a bunch!


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Hi bellaspinelli!

I believe the first no-no was to begin working, prior to the client completing your instructions to “start” the gig.

I know I get excited whenever a new gig pops up, and we all want to have faith in our buyers, but you never want to put yourself in a position similar to what you are having now.

I do not know what really happens when you make a mutual cancellation, but it doesn’t seem to be that bad. A lot of people have them and it’s part of the biz, I suppose.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as it wasn’t your fault anyway. It’s not like you didn’t deliver, or you delivered an unsatisfactory product, it simply just didn’t work out.

Hopefully, you have not provided them any of your work or any samples either. That’s just a safeguard to prevent any issues such as releasing your work without pay.

I would just accept the cancellation and move on. Keep your head up and keep fivin’! 🙂

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