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Using Fiverr To Help Kids Fighting Cancer

Guest marketersoffers

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Guest marketersoffers

Hey sweet fiverr community,

I just wanted to share a sweet story with you. Fiverr has been amazing for me as monetizing my life and also making one of my dreams come true. I lost a lot of people I love because of cancer… and always wanted to make a difference in the life of people having cancer too… Especially kids, as I think life is unfair to hit them with such a disease in such a young age. So what I do is give money to hospital charities that helps to fight cancer but most importantly, I buys toys for kids and go to the hospital and distributes them. I sometimes try to contact some local celebrities so they can help me out with that… it makes two in one and the kids go crazy. You know… see there smile is so heart warming… Before meeting fiverr, it was very hard for me to find funding to buy the toys. Now… it is quite less of a problem. I invest my personal money in this cause as it touches me. But recently I thought of something genius! I saw that everyone had a tip me for my hard work… but I decided to make it different. I created a tip me for my hard work gig but all funds on there go to my project to help fight cancer. I got some people tipping me and I wish this will make kids so happy because this means more toys and more kids smiling. And I have so much toys idea like buying ticket to a concert and all that. I cross my fingers to see this working.

If you would like to help, it would be appreciated if you could collect my gig. And if you feel like contributing, you can drop in a small amount. Here is the link :

I really hope this project will change a lot of kids life! Let’s fight cancer together! 🙂

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