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Fiverr is competitive for starters or newbies


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Lol, I’m impressed by the way you asked but I believe that everybody comes new at the time of joining. FIVERR was also new five years back. Yet it is only fiverr which is providing numerous ways for new bees. You can’t grow up easily on any freelancing network other than fiverr. I’m lov’in it !

Tips for you: -

You should be appropriate to the needs of clients at the best level and spend enough time to explore more and more ways to find the fortune in your NICHE.

I hope so that day is not far when you’ll be getting LEVEL 2 like mine very conveniently.

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Reply to @responsiblehina: you are very right here that everybody has to start from a scratch except if you have very rich daddy LOL. I need patience but I also need true guide not some posts on google about getting 100+ orders in 10 days on Fiverr. I need starting like how to get your 1st order and after that I can work hard to deliver best quality.

I hope you can help me here!!!

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I wonder when I go through you profile.

You’ve only made a single gig so far and

expecting for the whole world to come

under you.

Dear, You’ve availability to make 7

gigs at this state. So, I will recommend

you to make at least 5 with different

perspectives of your services.

Don’t forget to take special care about

the Gig’s title, description and most

importantly the PICTURE of your gig.

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Guest strokelogocomp

Why don’t you add video to your gig?. You will get your first day within one day after uploading video to your gig. I joined Fiverr 17 days back & got almost 38 sales yet.

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Reply to @tanyasingh2468: Promotion: get family and friends to buy your gig and leave reviews. This will motivate other buyers to try your services. After all, no one wants to spend their hard earn money on a luck and chance service as in your profile description (unless their daddy is rich)

Perseverance: You will get sales eventually, no doubt about it. But after a while or even from the get-go, you will meet some very difficult buyers who will make you feel discouraged- but you need to persevere despite the challenges.

I hope this was helpful. Fell free to send me a message and I will be happy to assist any further.

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Guest prowriter336

No, i don’t think so that fiverr is competitive, the field you will choose here is competitive

Otherwise fiverr pull ups the newbies and give them chances and it is depended on you

As you have to work hard for your buyers and get positive reviews from them which will attract other buyers, and you will get chances too, only required is buyer satisfaction which is up to you

So work hard and be successful in fiverr and there will be no competition for you

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Consider this…

If you look at fiverr just like a flea market (or any physical marketplace), you have bunch of people occupying booths with wares to sell. The marketplace charges you a space for your booth, and in turn, they bring in the prospects. Ideally, they organize the marketplace in a way that makes it easy for buyers to find the kind vendors they are seeking.

As such, you have two choices… you can rely solely on the marketplace to bring you potential customers, or you can market externally as well. But in either case, you have to distinguish yourself from your competition, especially with gigs that are already saturated, and establish both trust and yourself as an authority on the subject.

Now, fiverr makes this really difficult with all their restrictions to keep dialog within the fiverr universe, and there’s only so much we can we can say in a one minute video, or a 1,200 character text field, so you have to be creative. And I think many of us have been frustrated by how powerless we are to affect gig visibility and change.

My advice, use every single tool fiverr gives you… pictures, videos, etc. Treat this as any other marketplace and don’t wait for fiverr to give you a leg up… Do outreach to your existing customers and offer them some value if you work load slows down. Link to a YouTube video you created to help bring context or additional value to your gig, be humorous if you can, or at least project that you enjoy what you do. Do something that is different than what your competition does and be sure that you do everything you can to sell yourself with every single “gig view” you get. Always, always, always do regular reviews of your competition to see how their gig offering and presentation might be changing.

If you aren’t using images or videos, or if your gig is hard to understand, has poor grammar or is otherwise “sloppy” don’t blame fiverr. Get creative, make those gig views count, advocate for your clients, and deliver the best product or service you can! If you do, you are likely to do quite well here.

Just my 2 cents.

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