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Its good to see fiverr update his manubar


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Guest shoutoutz

Hello latifahmed, these are great questions,

Adding your keyword to your title can help and so will adding your keyword to your auction description. It’s my recommendation to add your keyword in to your auction description 3 times, one in the first 1-2 sentences, a second time towards the middle of your description and a 3rd time in the last 1-2 sentences.

Don’t post your keyword more then three times, not only will Flippa flag your auction when listing your keyword too many times which would stop you from updating the description but you don’t want to sound spammy either.

Keep your auction description natural and easy to understand while at the same time optimizing it to help you rank.

Good luck with your Gig(s) and I hope this post has been of some help!


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Reply to @shoutoutz: What on earth does Flippa or it’s search have to do with @latifahmed or the question?

@latifahmed asked about search results on Fiverr - not anything at all to do with Flippa. YOU have a gig about Flippa. Are you just posting here to try to somehow get keyword results via the Fiverr forum??

If I misunderstood your response please feel free to explain and I will admit my mis-read and reply. At this time it appears to me that your response to the OP had nothing to do with anything but your personal self-promotion.

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