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Shipping fees too low?/


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Hello, I was thinking of selling some handmade handbags i have that i made specifically for ebay. Now i am thinking of selling here but the shipping fees is too low only $8. Is there any way to increase it cause it cost approximately 10-12 for a 250gm parcel to ship to usa and can go close to $20 for some other countries.

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I don’t sell it too ebay anymore cause i don’t have time to manage. I have some handbags left with me so i thought it would be good option to sell it here. But as we can see shipping is way below what actually cost i don’t wanna book loss. And thanx for awaring me about ToS, they have some strange policies but as we are using their services we have to obey them.

Anyway whatever i am selling here is go beyond the capacity of what $5 acquire and even my customer acknowledge it. I am satisfied and they are too. Thanx @ madmoo

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Tittle: I Will For The Price Of 10(or more) Gigs Send My Newly Self Made Beautiful( of couce, it will) Beaded(if it is made by Beads like I do) Handmade Handbag

The logic in above tittle is to in your Gig

  1. Calculate the Shipping Cost to the possible longest destination and include it in the amount you will charge in your Gig tittle. But if you do not like that, in your Gig Description, DO STATE CLEARLY THE DESTINATIONS YOU ACCEPT. However, the cost of shipping to various destinations differs, so DO USE the costliest one. That is if the costliest is say China from your region, and the price is say $30, then you will add the main cost of your product say $15 to the $30 since it is the shipping cost of the longest destination you accept. The longest destination fee you add will stand as UNIVERSAL SHIPPING FEE for all the destinations acceptable to you. Okay?

  2. Add Fiverr Fees Per $5

    So going by the sample prices above, Your Gig Tittle will now reads:

    I Will For The Price Of 11 Gigs Make Anew An Handmade Handbag And Send It To You In Your Country Of Residence For $5(ignore this)

    And Or

    I Will For The Price Of 11 Gigs Freshly Make An Handmade Handbag And Ship It To You $5

    The I Will and $5 is Fiverr’s. Going by this model tittle above, an interested will order for your Gig 11 times and that equals to $55. Subtracting the sample highest shipping cost($30) which you used as Universal Shipping price, the remainder will be $25. Further subtracting the sample Main Cost($15) of the product, the remainder will be $10 which stands for Fiverr’s Commission over the $55

    Hope you get the analogy now.

    Need more help?

    Contact me directly.
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Guest katja1700

I just encountered this same thing. I was going to offer original drawings/postcards which can be shipped flat, and don’t weight much, and are the cheapest range to post…

BUT the $8 doesn’t even cover the cost to send tracked letter LOCALLY!

It’s $10 to post tracked letter to my neighbor, and $15 worldwide. This doesn’t even cover the cost of better packaging, or my time and travel to visit the post office…

Seems like such a hassle for me and buyers to try to explain multiple gigs covering shipping… okay, that’s a great way to get dozens of reviews from single order (that can’t be right?) but how to keep track of whether the quantities match?

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You have to offer something for $5.00. Like For Five Dollars, I will send you a picture of me holding the handbag or for $100.00 more I can send you the handbag.

Again the spirit of this offer is totally wrong. You really need to offer something for $5.00 that has value.

The second problem is that if people are not looking for hand bags on Fiverr, you probably won’t get traffic. Pioneering or building a new category in Fiverr is a slow process.

The third problem is that if you only have 1 bag, you are going to have to shut the gig off when you sell the last one. The fiverr site is not setup to manage limited inventory.

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