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Hi rabeet_allana, I viewed your profile and realize that you just joined fiverr. You have to give it some time. It takes some time for people to see your gig or even the right person who need something done. You have to be realistic.

I joined fiverr a little over a year ago but I started making money a month or so but that’s because I had no gigs up.

Three weeks after I created a gig I was contacted by a buyer; this was last year November.

Another thing is you have to get to the point with your gig. Because you have a 80 character word limit you have to be precise. You said I will promote your product through video, be more specific in at least the gig description (which I don’t think you have). What exactly are you going to do for their $5. Are you going to do anything they ask you to promote their product?

It also could be the tags you use or the categories. You should probably check if they are in the right categories. View your competitors to see how much work you have to put in.



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I have a suggestion to all of you, after you posted your gigs and waiting for the buyers, have you think about starting your other E-commerce business meanwhile? Such as on Ebay, wish,etc.

I am a Chinese, if you think it is workable for you and you want to find a good and reliable supplier in China, I can help you with it.

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