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Buyer Request Page Change


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Now on the buyer request page, you send offer, with a quote, gig extra’s and a comment.

My concern is often there is not enough information to send a price. Is this like a custom offer and now once the buyer accepts that is the deal?

Thoughts on this new process?

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Hi @orcatek!

You’re correct. It’s very similar to working as a custom offer, since once the buyer clicks accept, this goes through as an order. There are a few options:

  1. Click the simple $5 gig price, but then put in comments something about “please message me first to discuss overall quote and pricing,” or

  2. Put a larger-sized gig order price ($15, $20, etc.), and then put a similar note encouraging the buyer to reach out to you first. This way, if he/she doesn’t, you at least have a better chance that the order placed will be closer to what you might have charged for a larger order.

    So far, I’ve done both. With option 1., I had a buyer purchase the $5 gig, but when I messaged her to say that I’d need to charge more for what she wanted, she told me no problem. She is adding on extra gig orders, which is great: this generates an additional “review,” and still ends up with your agreed-upon price.

    Does this help?
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Hey @david388:

It helps, but I like the old way better where they just contacted you as there was no price given until details were discussed. Really don’t like the idea of a buyer saying “Well you said it would be $xx”. I do videos and they tend to run a wide area on pricing from the Fiverr deal to several hundred dollars.

The buyer requests say things like "I need a video showing my new product"

Could be simple 30 seconds, no music, client script, no url’s or logos… $5.

Or it becomes 1 minute, I write script, music, graphics, logos, url, effects…

So hard to send pricing with basically no information.

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