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Professional services - what to expect


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Buying a professional service over Fiverr can sometimes leave your bitter in the mouth and empty in your wallet. Sellers tend to overstate what they can do, and buyers tend to understate what they want, only to ask for many revisions in the end.

From my point of view, lets make it very clear on what to expect for your $5 gig:

  • A professional service. Having a degree doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about. Having a qualification and experience…now that can!
  • Don’t overcharge. I am constantly seeing this with other sellers. They tend to give you the bare minimum in a basic gig and then charge you tremendously with gig extras. Don’t waste your time - I charge $5 per hour and aim finish ASAP.
  • I deliver in time. Other sellers are swamped with multiple gigs to complete. I pick and choose my gigs. In this way, I get to deliver a proper service, as promised by a professional, and within the nick of time.
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